When I was just pondering the idea of doing a blog, one of my colleagues suggested that I number them. It’s a thought that would have never occurred to me but on days like today, I am so glad that I followed her advice.

Management guru Ken Blanchard also urged people to record things so they could see progress. Small or incremental improvements don’t mean much in the moment, but the cumulative effect can be great — if we know where we started. Having a visible, interim milestone also creates an occasion to pause and celebrate — something we don’t do enough of in general, often because we haven’t tracked the steps it took to get there.

So, let me take a moment to note this entry. This dot would have not been significant without the numbering, and another day would have passed without a moment of pride. Follow the example to do more recording and create the ability to recognize your achievements along the way instead of holding out for one big bang at the end.

Thanks, Tricia.

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