When I came home, there was a notecard at my doorstep addressed to “our favorite neighbor.” Who wouldn’t like to receive that?

It read: Thank you for the water bowl! It helps big thirsty pups like us stay cool and hydrated coming up this big hill! We think you’re paw-some! Love, Max and Chloe. P.S. See a dip of us enjoying the water on social media. Our dog walker always shows us off!

It turns out that Max and Chloe are the beautiful German Shepherds that I see using the bowl of water that I have on my sidewalk for dogs to use in the summer. Lots of dogs use it, but this dog walker is the only one who took a moment to share her appreciation.

I’ve often talked about the power of handwritten notes, especially those written to those “unusual suspects” who don’t often (ever?) receive recognition for their good deeds. This note is a perfect example of something that took only a few minutes to write but had an impact on me.

Think about whose day you — or even your dogs — can brighten by handwriting a word of thanks today.

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