Today’s dot was written by Kiara Larson from Minot State University’s LEAD 201 Collaborative Leadership Class.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of going wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law in search of her dream dress. We went to four stores in total and each experience was completely different. It’s amazing how much the “vibe” of the store and employees affect the customers. Two out of the four experiences were really helpful and comforting. However, the other two felt chaotic and rushed without much assistance.

The two helpful stores made it a good experience by having a positive attitude and constantly offering solutions. There were countless times when we didn’t like a certain part of the dress and the worker always had ideas to fix what we didn’t like. The other two stores weren’t as patient. One store didn’t even have a private area for bridal groups so any random person in the store could see brides trying on different wedding dresses. Overall, it didn’t make shopping there a special experience.

There are millions of wedding dress stores so it might be challenging to make your store unique from the other options. The easiest way to distinguish yourself from others is to maximize the quality of your customer service. Weddings are stressful and brides are seeking some peace of mind.

This concept doesn’t only apply to bridal stores. Every company should hire employees that are competent, helpful, and adaptable to different types of people. Customers having a good experience will lead to positive reviews and more clientele.

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