Today’s dot was written by Kirstin Nelson from Minot State University’s LEAD 201 Collaborative Leadership Class.

Working at a daycare, having a positive and fun attitude at all times is vital to making sure that the children remain happy throughout the day.

Have you ever seen a grumpy parent or childcare provider who is clearly annoyed with a child’s endless questions or overall childish nature? I admit that I have been in this position before; it is easy to get frustrated when acting as a role model, but after a certain amount of time this child will stop asking questions and they will develop their parent/care provider’s grumpy attitude. Not exactly the outcome you want when it comes to children. But if that adult puts an effort into answering the child’s questions, and encourages curiosity and fun, that child will grow up loving to learn new things and have a fulfilling life.

It is important to keep this in mind when taking up a leadership position. Do you want the people working for you to have a positive and fun attitude? Do you want them to take their job seriously and always be professional? Leading by example is an effective way to set the mood of your organization or team. Be a role model to the people you are leading, and if you do a good job, they may just look up to you as a child looks up to their parent or caretaker.

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