Yesterday, I needed to do a return at TJMaxx but wasn’t sure of their holiday hours. I checked the website and it said closing at 9:30 pm regularly and holiday hours the same as usual. I wasn’t convinced that was accurate, so I called. An automated message said that their normal hours were a 7 pm close but no mention of holiday adjustments. I called again and punched the series of prompts to actually speak to a human — only to learn that they were closing at 8 pm (instead of the normal 9:30 — so both the website and phone message were wrong). Aye!

When I went to the store, I mentioned to the assistant manager that there was confusion with their phone recording. “Oh, those were our Covid hours,” she said. Period. Not “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Not “I’ll get on it and fix that right away.” Nada. She didn’t verbally say: “Too bad, so sad,” but that is what she communicated.

Managers often wonder why their employees don’t deliver great service or go the extra mile for customers. This is why. If employees don’t see service practiced or a diligent work ethic implemented by those in leadership roles, they act the same way those in charge do. If you want stellar behavior, it starts with modeling it yourself.

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