I’m volunteering for a community action group and the core committee needed to decide who was going to work in each area. A few hands went up right away to help with the communications and grassroots efforts. It was also easy for those who work in financial areas to volunteer for the money aspects of the project — fundraising, treasurer, etc. And when it came to being chair no one raised their hands — except me. Not by default, but rather because that is my sweet spot and likely why I was asked to be on the committee.

I think the ability to develop comprehensive agendas, run efficient meetings, keep conversations on task, and organize the myriad details that go with a project such as this is a skill set that is undervalued. Anyone can sit at the head of the table, but not everyone is effective there. I happen to love it and was happy that they took a chance on one person’s recommendation and gave me the reins.

We were fortunate that the initial organizers invited people to serve who had a variety of skills and would naturally gravitate to work that was meaningful to them. If you are in a position to assemble a group, you would be wise to do the same. And if your wheelhouse revolves around leading and organizing, embrace that talent. It is far less stressful to run a meeting than to suffer through a bad one.

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