Magazines used to be pervasive in waiting rooms — there would be a variety of publications in a stack for you to peruse during the inevitable delay of the doctor. Then came budget cuts and a pandemic, and in many places, the magazines disappeared.

A brilliant solution to this can be found in a doctor’s office in Boston where they have a QR code for patients to scan to receive a free magazine that they are able to read while waiting. It’s free to the user, contactless, and provides an opportunity for the publication to entice new readers with a current sample. A win-win for everyone.

QR codes had their day then faded, but they seem to be making a resurgence due to/after Covid. Is there a way for you to deploy the simple-to-use technology to give customers and potential customers access to your materials? It may be a great way for you to provide low-cost samples of the resources you offer.

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