I always feel a twinge of sadness when I walk by the bargain book section in a bookstore or, worse, see titles on the shelf at the dollar store. I can only imagine what went into publishing that content — and the thrill of the author to see the finished product — just to have it remanded and sent to where unpopular books go to die.

I’ve noticed a similar trend with obscure movies that now occupy the catalogs on streaming services. The delight of all those involved in the production has been forgotten as have their dreams of fame and fortune that existed when the film was made. Now the shows are relegated to the furthest pages of the scroll, allowing the host to proclaim “hundreds of movies” even though you have never heard of most of them.

These books and movies were not an early commercial success and it is doubtful they will find glory via their current distribution vehicle. But I am still glad that they were made. These were stories that made the creator better off by telling them, providing an outlet for expression, and giving a forum to their voice. Sharing yourself through creative content is a risky, mostly unrewarding, time-consuming effort — yet in its purest form, it truly is about the process, not the outcome. Keep contributing!

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