There has always been a market for renting items but lately, the scope of what you can borrow seems to have exploded. Here are three examples:

— In the United Kingdom, you can rent a Christmas tree from Rental Claus. Trees come in pots and you take them home for three weeks before returning them for future reuse. You may even elect to rent the same tree the following year — as many have done — becoming so attached to it that you give it a name and make it part of your holiday tradition.

— In the summer, you can rent someone’s personal pool. No need to worry about crowds at the public swimming hole, with Swimply you can pay by the hour to have a private dip in your neighborhood. Much cheaper than dealing with chemicals and buying your own!

Sniffspot allows you to rent a backyard or acreage for your pet to play. It’s a personal dog park that allows Fido to get his exercise without fear of aggressive dogs or overbearing humans.

Rentals help everyone: the environment as you reduce consumption, the renter who gains income from something they possess already, and those who rent who don’t have the burden of long-term maintenance. As you think about how to allocate your funds in the coming year, consider rentals to fulfill your needs. The freedom from ownership may provide you with the extra time to truly enjoy the experience.

Thanks Amy, Amy, and Meg!

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