If I did all the things I think about at 3 a.m. I would be a New York Times bestselling author, Teacher of the Year, featured in House Beautiful and physically fit. When I wake up during the night, my mind always fills with things I could do or want to do — but then it’s morning and my courage to do these bold things fades like the night sky.

I recently wrote about Bill Hewlett’s quote that you should never stifle a generous impulse. I think the principle also applies to not stifling an audacious thought. We would achieve much more if we could merge our dreams and our reality — incorporating some of the ambitious ideas from our 3 a.m. to-do list onto our 10 a.m. one.

It’s easy to oscillate between what is possible and what is practical; what we could do and what we should do — but try to be brave enough to go for some of those crazy thoughts that swirl while on your pillow.

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