It seems that our political leanings and stance on vaccinations aren’t the only things that are taken to the extremes lately. So many behaviors are occurring on an “all or nothing” scale with fewer people making decisions in moderation.

  • Closing the office entirely or going back 100% instead of approving hybrid arrangements
  • Quitting a job instead of going part-time or using FMLA when circumstances occur
  • Becoming obsessed with a hobby instead of using it as an occasional distraction
  • Dropping out of school instead of taking a semester off to regroup
  • Choosing very severe diets like Adkins vs. eating healthy without restrictions
  • Going on a purging spree instead of taking the time to evaluate and sort possessions
  • Becoming an entrepreneur instead of crafting flexibility and autonomy in a current job

It’s easier to make decisions if you’re deciding between black or white whereas gray requires some deliberation to discern the differences. But by choosing one end of the spectrum, we close off the possibilities of other options and often miss the benefits moderation can afford us. Like Oreos, the good stuff can be in the middle.

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