With people taking multiple pills each day, it’s easy to get confused about which drug to take when. Fortunately, prescription bottles have come a long way in providing clarity and ease of use. The bottles from CVS are clearly marked as to how many to take at which time of day, hopefully improving the accuracy of administration and thus the effectiveness of the medicine.

Think of what is the equivalent of a “pill bottle” in your organization. Is there something that often trips people up that you could rework to provide ease of use? Do you have instructions that could be re-designed to become more readable and user-friendly? Perhaps you can incorporate color or symbols to more effectively convey your directions?

We often focus on the product or service, but if people don’t access it correctly all is for naught. Don’t make getting there a hard pill to swallow. Take the time to ensure that your instructions are as helpful as what they are directing people to use.

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