Have you noticed that when you are working on an important project that your task list expands with every step instead of contracting?

If you’re doing dishes, filing an expense report, or stocking shelves when you’re done, you’re finished.

But if you’re working with a financial planner, when you leave the appointment you have several more tasks to complete: see a lawyer, update the beneficiaries, contribute to your IRA, etc. At the start of a new committee, one meeting leads to setting up communication infrastructure, creating a logic model, and scheduling meetings for the upcoming term. When teaching a class, as soon as the syllabus is finished it triggers setting up the learning management system, creating the grade book, and gathering the materials for the first class.

Often, it seems that the more you do, the more you have to do. When that is the case, remind yourself that it’s a sign you’re working on the big stuff. As this type of list grows, so does your impact.

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