Those who worry about the future of brick and mortar stores need only to go to a craft fair to have their fears somewhat allayed. While certainly everything available at a fair is also available online, fairs continue to draw crowds. More importantly, fairs continue to produce sales as people buy things that they did not know existed until they saw them in a booth.

Shopping in person helps people narrow down the vast choices available online and makes it possible to see and inspect things before they buy. I know I am skeptical about internet purchases from unknown vendors and am far more comfortable buying something unique if I can it touch beforehand. Craft fairs also have the added advantage of being face-to-face with the seller (who is often the creator) where you can ask questions or learn the backstory about the items.

While $10 billion of goods were sold through Etsy, don’t discount the value of low-tech delivery methods that may be appropriate for your organization. Sometimes the personal touch — and literal touch — are the best ways to interface with your clientele.

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