Two out of every five grandparents have had a grandchild born during the pandemic! I was shocked at that statistic, and even more surprised that I learned it on a Motel 6 radio ad. In a brilliant positioning move, the chain is targeting the “memaws” who are dying to hold the little loves they have only seen on Zoom. Over 4 million babies were born in the U.S. during COVID, creating an opportunity for all kinds of introductions as pandemic restrictions are relaxed.

No matter what business you are in, consider whether there is a way for you to leverage the pent-up desire for parents and grandparents to show off their babies. Online galleries for alumni grandparents or parents to post photos with their newest child? Introduction parties with your staff to meet the newest members of your team’s families? A post-COVID baby shower to provide toddler resources instead of the baby gifts the new parents missed out on?

As you craft plans for reconnecting your team, remember the losses but also the births that have occurred since you last gathered in person.

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