When you are involved in planning or executing a major event, it is natural to evaluate the program at its conclusion. Undoubtedly, there are Lessons Learned meetings that make note of all the logistical elements to keep or improve. But one component that is often overlooked is whether the anticipation lived up to its hype.

When we are engaged in something big, there is a natural sense of expectation as the launch draws near. Simply asking the question of whether the reality aligned with the vision we had in our mind can provide valuable information to shape future planning. Did we cause people to expect more than they received, or could we have created additional buzz by sharing more of what was planned?

I reflect on this question not only with events but when engaging in anything new. Did the campus visit appear as I expected from the promotional materials? Does the new job align with the position announcement and interview? Does the restaurant match the reviews?

If you think not only about “what is” but also consider “what is expected” you may glean nuanced insights to help you exceed the anticipation in the future.

Thanks, Curt!

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