The U-Haul logo is featured prominently on their rental trucks but the company also dedicates some of its space to promote tourism and share educational features. Trucks carry mini-billboards for different places and provide a learning moment for those who may ride next to them on the roads.

For example, one truck highlights Onondaga Cave State Park in Missouri where the language of bats is revealed. “Did you know bats use complex sounds to greet, direct, warn, and play with one another. What are we discovering about bat communication and how does it affect human lives? Learn more about Echolocation.”

It took some time to research and design this “Venture Across America” series but they add a piece of interest to the fleet and may educate or entertain those who see them on the highways.

Consider how some of your public-facing space can do double duty to passively provide entertainment, education, or services through an intentional redesign. People pass your building or vehicles every day; help them to benefit from doing so.

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