When my sister heard of the Tomorrowland reference I used (dot 3282), she laughed at how I incorporated “another obscure reference from years ago” into my writing, teaching, or training. But the analogy made my point perfectly and gave the audience a visual picture of what is possible vs. what is, making it relevant in 2021 even though it was from a 2015 movie.

I think it’s my superpower to create analogies and make complex concepts understandable as my own superpower, and often this involves linking concepts from years ago. It comes so naturally to me that it doesn’t feel like a special strength, but after hearing many comments about my dot-connection-abilities, I have come to realize that it is.

Icebreakers often ask people to list what they wish their superpower could be and participants rattle off impossible feats like being invisible, knowing the future, or having the ability to time travel. I find it much more helpful to ask what people think their superpower is. It requires self-understanding and reflection to ascertain what is so ingrained in your DNA that you barely notice it but provides your unique niche and competitive edge.

Superpowers don’t need to be splashy or prominent, in fact, to be really super they probably are these obscure traits that few others have. Use some of the summer slowness to reflect on what quirky ability makes you be you — and then unabashedly share your gift with the world (even if your sister razzes you about it!)

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