When a friend closed his credit card account, it triggered a final cash back reward of 15 cents. He ignored it for over a year thinking they’d eventually forfeit his reward, but when that never happened he contacted support to cancel. Instead, they printed a check on one piece of paper, included a cover letter on another piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and paid to send it to him. Quite a system there!

You KNOW that my friend is not the only one in this situation. Why didn’t someone think ahead and include a clause that if a reward was under $X or any amount was unclaimed for X period of time that it would automatically be forfeited and instead donated to a selected charity? It would have saved the company money, saved the customer a hassle and generated good will.

If you find yourself in situations where policy dictates that you do something that lacks common sense, think ahead and change the policy to prevent a recurrence. The little steps you save (not to mention the money) will pay big dividends in the long run.

Thanks, Brian!

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