I watched an online conversation with actor and writer Dan Levy that could have doubled as a commencement speech. In a far more serious tone than his David Rose character on Schitt’s Creek, Levy shared some of the ups and downs of his path to the awards podium.

When asked about the genesis for his show, he replied that he “had to do something unconventional for myself.” He created the hit series to provide a venue to act because he is “terrible at auditioning.” Rather than let his nerves stop him, Levy wrote himself into a character and became so in-demand that auditioning is no longer required.

What stuck with me most were his closing comments about the advice he would give to college students. “If you want something, actually do what you want to do and success will come. Doors will open if you have the work to show,” Levy said. “If you actually follow through on what you want, you will be ahead of 99% of the people. It is so rare for people to follow through.”

Think about all the things you have said you wanted and then assess how many of them you have actually done something about. Instead of talking about writing a show, starting a company, or learning a language, take Levy’s advice and follow your intentions with action. Who knows how far it could take you.

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