The library curated a display for March by assembling dozens of books with a green cover. They could have found books about Ireland or St. Patrick; followed a theme of spring or gardening, or gone with Women’s History or Black History but they went outside the norm with green books that crossed a variety of subjects and genres.

Librarians are trained in the rigid Dewey Decimal System yet the staff at our library seems to delight in ignoring that order. I wrote about the Binge Boxes (dot 3193) with thematic assortments of DVDs, and now they’re mixing up books, too.

In every organization, there are those who would stick just with the prescribed patterns (Dewey Decimal) and those who embrace a more creative view of the world (green books). Take a lesson from the library and find pockets and projects where both can flourish. The whole organization doesn’t have to be just one way or the other.

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