Author Paulo Coelho is best known for his fable The Alchemist which has been translated into a record-setting 82 languages! He shares another fable in his new book, The Archer.

As the title implies, The Archer uses shooting a bow as a metaphor for life. The bow is the source of energy; the arrow is the intention, the target is the objective you are trying to reach, and the posture provides the serenity that allows you to learn how to shoot.

But the key lesson that Tetsuya the master shares with his mentee is to seek out allies to help in his journey. Tetsuya broadens the definition of allies to go beyond those with whom you may cooperate and considers allies as “people who are interested in what you are doing.” It does not matter if they are doing the same kind of work, rather whether they are doing it with enthusiasm and aren’t afraid to make mistakes. He believes those are the type of people who can make the real difference and help you improve your skills.

Often, when we think of allies we think of others in our circle who can help us by partnering or by doing similar work. Take Coelho’s advice to heart and look for people who are not like you. “The best allies are those who do not think like everyone else,” he writes. “Stay away from those who affirm truths, who criticize those who do not think like them, people who have never once taken a step unless they were sure they would be respected for doing so, and who prefer certainties to doubts.”

Who in your orbit has shown interest in what you are doing – even if they don’t understand it or work in the same field? Those may be perfect people with whom to align and create energy so that you both may hit your target with the arrow.

Source:  The Archer by Paulo Coelho, Knopf Publishing, 2020

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