If you want a peek into the future, just use your imagination and extrapolate what is novel in the present. When I was a kid (many years ago), one of the great treats of going to the zoo was the ability to put money in a machine and watch it form a plastic animal. When I returned there a few decades later, I realized that the Mold-a-Rama was really a precursor to current day 3D printing. Now, in MakerSpaces across the country kids can not only make their own creatures, but they can design them.

Think about what else was that once seemed fascinating but has now become commonplace. Home computers that allow you to edit videos, record music or create professional designs. Online banking. Customizable everything. Delivery services. Ridesharing. Gluten-free food options. Phones with quality cameras.

What’s on the horizon that will soon become ordinary instead of notable? Cars that drive themselves. Travel to Mars. A cashless society. Remote education and permanent work-from-home. Telemedicine. Virtual or Augmented Reality. Insurgent group protests in the U.S. Continued virtual events. Plant-based meats. Enhanced data mining. The list is long. Find one item that aligns with your organization and prepare now to incorporate its use in your future.


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