My Octopus Teacher (see dot 3135) taught me more about the mollusk than I could have imagined but what fascinated me most was its ability to camouflage. The very intelligent creature “has spent millions of years learning to be impossible to find” and has become quite good at it. Octopuses can change their color, texture, or pattern to blend into the environment and allude predators. They also use their 2000 suckers to adhere shells and other objects (see picture) and configure themselves into an unrecognizable addition on the ocean floor.

We can all learn from the octopus and vary our methods of achieving the desired end. It’s not enough to use the same strategy over and over, rather we must craft various options to utilize as the situation warrants. Too often we make slight changes to our actions – the equivalent of altering colors – but never even think to expand into entirely new ways of addressing a problem – the human version of covering ourselves in 100 shells. You may not have a million years to perfect your skills but inject more creativity into those you do.

An octopus in hiding – covered in suctioned shells to disguise itself


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