Every kid dreams of waking up to hear that a snow day has been declared. But as if we needed one more thing to polarize us, it now seems that there are two distinct views about whether or not school districts should continue to cancel classes and declare snow days given the pervasiveness of remote learning.


Soup company Campbell’s is out to influence the decision by creating a campaign “to preserve and protect the most magical of winter birthrights: the snow day.” Their Save the Snow Day website is beautifully done and helps rekindle the joy that snow days bring.

While e-learning can continue no matter what the weather, having that spontaneous time for winter fun is a treasured part of childhood and should outweigh another day in front of the computer. If you agree, you can sign their pledge, stating that you believe:

  • In saving the snow day because of the unbridled joy it brings
  • Every snowflake dreams of becoming a snowball
  • Hills were made to be sled down
  • Cold days call for hot soup
  • The world can always use more snow angels
  • In powering down screens for more snow day family-time

Campbell’s campaign is a clever way to raise the awareness of its product and engage consumers outside of direct, overt advertising. Watch their website for lessons not only about snow days themselves but for how to align your brand with a current topic in ways that are strategically smart.

Thanks, Mike!

free download from http://www.savethesnowday.com


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