In a nod to holiday humor, the speed detector signs in our town have changed their messaging for the season. Now, instead of flashing “thank you” when you’re driving within the limit, the sign shows a green “NICE” and, my favorite, when you exceed the speed instead of a generic “slow down” you are greeted with a red “NAUGHTY.”  I will confess that I speed up every time just to get a good laugh.

This adjustment in the signs cost nothing but a few moments of re-programming time yet it adds an aura of festivity to the season. Subtle changes like this – where you intentionally consider all aspects of the environment and your messaging can add up to create a culture or mood in very effective ways.

Santa may not know if you’re naughty or nice, but your audience certainly does. Make the time to tend to the details that will put you at the top of their list.

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