At first glance, breakfast foods and holiday sweaters have nothing to do with each other but the folks at Kellogg’s thought differently. They marketed a special version of Pop-Tarts with silly sweater designs that could serve as novel stocking stuffers, package embellishments, or morning pastries and the “limited edition” sugar cookie flavor earned it a prominent display in the store.

Saying something is the holiday version of a product is often enough to make the ordinary special enough to spur purchasing. Look around at all the holiday soaps, paper plates, dog treats, air fresheners, cereals, cakes and just about every item imaginable that features a Christmas version of the same product. It happens in the fall with pumpkin spice flavors for everything as well as for Valentine’s Day, Easter and just about every opportunity manufacturers can find to make something appear new.

It doesn’t take much to make an ordinary product seem festive. Look at what you offer in a new light and with a broad imagination. If Pop-Tarts can feature ugly sweaters, maybe your offerings can add a bit of holiday fun and reach a wider audience as a result.

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