Too often, we think in terms of all or nothing rather than taking small pockets of promise and building on them. Think of how much more productive we could be if we focused on turning the alignment of “one” into “some” before it becomes “more.”

Maybe your whole team is not excited about a new program but there is “one” person who could help you champion the plan and increase the support to two, then three, etc. If a community organization isn’t overly enthusiastic about partnering with you, consider whether “some” of them are and you can cultivate momentum with those few individuals. Perhaps not everyone in your family is in agreement about your holiday plans, but maybe “some” can encourage others to go along. Or you can strengthen relationships with the “some” members of your senior team or board that are supportive of your efforts and develop a network of support that can speak up for you to the remainder of the group.

It would be great if the whole team rallied behind you, there was an outpouring of support or unanimous agreement on the change you were trying to make, but usually, the reaction will be more tepid. Instead of being discouraged, see that glimmer of agreement as a starting point to turn your “one” into “some” to achieve a tipping point in your favor.

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