When Kamala Harris became Vice President-Elect, a meme circulated that said “Make sure to wear shoes ladies, there’s glass everywhere” in reference to the shattering of the ceiling that limits the achievements of women. Well, the glass has shattered again – this time in professional baseball as Kim Ng has been named the General Manager of the Florida Marlins, the first female GM in the four major North American sports leagues.

Obviously, Ng has never played professional ball herself, but Marlins’ CEO Derek Jeter and his leadership were astute enough to know that experience as a player was not one of the job requirements. Ng’s new job requires her to manage operations – an area where she does have expertise from her 20+ years as a baseball executive – making it likely she can succeed.

How can you use Ng as an example to expand your thinking regarding your potential talent pool? Too often we limit our options – both as a candidate and an employer – by believing that we must remain industry-specific. Such is not the case. More often than not, those who join your organization from a different field bring along not only the requisite skills but also a fresh perspective, the ability to make new connections, and a quest for learning that helps them get ahead.

By being brave enough to consider having a “first” in the position, you may just hit a home run in your hiring.

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