We’re getting a Jersey Mike’s sub restaurant in town (in three days – not that I’m counting.) I am very excited about this. When I was walking by the store this weekend, I peered into the window where the crew was undergoing training. An employee started walking toward me and I left, thinking that I interrupted them and they were only going to tell me that they were not yet open. Instead, she came running after me and handed me a coupon for a free sub!

Yesterday, I happened to be in the area with a friend and he peeked inside. This time, the manager came out, chatted with us for several minutes, gave both of us another free sub coupon, and then asked us what our favorite sandwich was — and then made it for us! Free Jersey Mike’s before it even opens! Oh, the joy.

Except for a sign in front of their storefront, I haven’t seen any overt advertising for the chain but think their method of delighting those that show interest is wise. It seems smart to capitalize on those who are most likely to spread the word and stimulate early business instead of spending the money on paid promotion.

Who could you deploy as ambassadors for your brand just by providing a small incentive? Make it easy for those who know you to love you even more.


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