There are billboards in town advertising a new product that I decided to give as a gift. I went to their website to see where I could purchase the item but that only referred me to a phone number. I called, but there was no answer so I ended up buying a competitor’s product.

In a separate situation, an ad on my Facebook feed featured an article of clothing that was of interest. I clicked on the link, but instead of being directed to that item, it landed me on the front page of their catalog. I gave up rather than search for the item I may have purchased.

A similar scenario occurred when I followed a link to an organization’s website and found myself on the homepage rather than connected to the specific resource the original article referenced. Even with their search function, I was unable to find what I was seeking and departed empty-handed.

Organizations invest so many resources trying to direct consumers to their offerings, but then falter during the last mile. Time is the most precious of resources. If you want people to act, not just be aware, you must make it direct and easy for them to do so.

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