Celebrities Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost would have been welcomed by any of the media outlets to break the news about their wedding, but they chose to use their influence in a more benevolent way. The couple announced their nuptials via the Meals on Wheels America Instagram page and encouraged fans to support the organization in their name.

While you don’t have the star power of this couple, think about whether there are other ways that you can adapt their practice to use your influence in tandem with social media to do some good. Could your organization release a new product or announce an event in the same manner? Maybe your business could promote a cause on its social media pages in addition to company-specific information? Or perhaps you could direct donations to a favorite organization to celebrate your organization’s anniversary or founding?

Many individuals have chosen to ask friends for donations to a charity in honor of their birthday, but think of the possibilities to increase your impact by involving your organization in meaningful ways. We know that social media has contributed to divisiveness and polarization; find ways to use it for good as well.


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