I joined a webinar and in the space to submit chat comments, the dialogue box read: “Say something nice.” What a simple yet effective way to set the tone for participants.

In another setting, a game on my phone shared information about a new feature. Instead of the traditional X to close the notification box, the button said “Awesome.” Another dialogue prompt offered two options for a new feature: “Maybe Later” or “Ready to Install.”

A similar variation occurred on the shipping notification for an online order that read:  “Your order has left the building – cue cheers and happy dances. Our expert team just bid farewell to your fun.”

I love the intentionality that these developers put into their messages. No one would have thought twice if the chat button was blank, the choices were yes and no or the shipping email provided only the facts, yet the extra thought made me both notice and smile in all these situations.

Why not take an extra few moments to craft something creative in your next communique? The routine messages that aren’t so rote are a great way to impart some of your organization’s values and help you stand out in your client’s mind.

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