Today is National Bosses Day, giving us reason to pause and consider what makes a boss worth celebrating.

According to Forbes, a Truly Great Manager exhibits these five characteristics:

  • Acts like a coach
  • Understands your weaknesses but focuses on your strengths
  • Wants to know your story
  • Embraces vulnerability
  • Challenges convention

All of these traits center around the supervisor making time to spend with staff members. I have said before that supervision isn’t a “drive-by” event, rather an investment. To create the most productive, rewarding and developmental experience, you’ve got to put in the time.

If you’re a supervisor, use Bosses Day to look inward and consider whether your calendar reflects your priorities as they relate to being a Truly Great Manager. Have you carved out ample time to coach and understand your people?

And if you’re not the boss (yet), consider what you can learn from yours. If you find yourself working for a good one, treasure every moment and use today to thank them for spending the time to make you better, even if it involves some challenges. And, if they’re not so hot, see if a vulnerable conversation helps to start you on a path toward a greater understanding of what each of you needs.

Five Signs You’re Working for a Truly Great Manager by Jacob Morgan, Forbes, 4/26/16

Me & A Truly GREAT Manager


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