A simple yet effective mind game that I play with myself all the time is that of doing “every other” task that needs to be done.

I write the week’s leadership dots by first writing one for every other day, making it much easier to complete the week by filling in the holes. I’m writing 1000 postcards encouraging people to vote and addressed all first-time voters first, making it seem faster to complete a page of addresses because many of them are already done. I clean my house by doing every other room, and then it seems to finish painlessly when I go through and connect the missing rooms.

I know that I’m doing the same amount of work and spending the same amount of time, but the emotional drain is less. See if you can do some mental gymnastics with yourself and make Swiss cheese out of your next task list. It doesn’t have to be every other one in the literal sense, but alternating your work is far less daunting than facing a big task all at once.

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