I had the undesirable experience of going to the can redemption center to return my four months of bottles and cans in order to claim my deposit money. Usually, I return them a week or so at a time at the grocery store, but since COVID stores have stopped their redemption process. Of course, they still charge me, but now I needed to wait in line outside for a half-hour to reclaim my bounty.

I believe that the grocers are going to hold off on resuming redemption for as long as they can get away with it. It’s a filthy, disgusting process (that I think should be stopped anyway – can you tell?) and if they don’t need to invest the staff time or storage space, why would they?

As things reopen, I am noticing that many businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to limit their services under the guise of COVID, but I suspect that the motivation is more financial. The bank doesn’t even have drive-up hours on Saturdays. Stores won’t allow you to re-use cups for fountain drinks, forcing you to buy a new one each time. Business hours are limited and some stores do not even open on Sundays during this time.

I wonder how many of these restrictions truly are for sanitation or whether they continue simply for businesses to realize savings. With phased re-openings and so much unknown, the line is blurred between precaution or preference. Make sure you have rationale – not rationalization – for your actions.


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