How do you enhance your customer service game when your responsiveness is already legendary? Well, if you’re Zappos you morph your call center into “Customer Service for Anything” and encourage people to call you – for, well, anything as their ad proclaims:


“Have you called our Customer Service Anything line yet? Because we’re still here for you, 24/7, for whatever you need. Whether it’s help finding a new recipe, a new series to binge, or a suggestion for entertaining your kiddos, give us a call. We’re waiting to hear from you – no purchase necessary.”


I’ll bet they have stories to share of the requests they receive – making the work more enjoyable for those performing it and building brand loyalty during a downturn in business. It is a brilliant adaptation of resources as well as a fun marketing gimmick.


Maybe they can help you brainstorm ways to tailor your organization’s resources to this crazy set of circumstances.

Text: 833-927-7898

Call: 800-927-7671 x3

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