Our whole family participated in a Zoom call on Easter and one of the questions we chatted about was “What will you miss when all this is over?” It caused us to consider (admit?) that there are positives embedded in our current situation.


Some of the answers: the Boston commute, the ability to wear casual clothes, sleeping in, the good food, time to be together at home without travel for work, and not needing to shave!


COVID has caused so many modifications in the way we do business – and I wonder which of the “good changes” will remain after we’re out and about again. Will restaurants still offer takeout/cook-your-own options in ways they are now but haven’t before? Will churches continue to offer services online? Will downtown stores keep offering curbside pickup to allow patrons to avoid the hassles of finding a parking spot? What about companies expanding their work-from-home options into a regular perk? And will TSA finally admit that 4 ounces of carry-on liquids aren’t catastrophic and allow it to continue as they have done now with hand sanitizer?


When we’re in the thick of a crisis it’s easy to only focus on the “now” but leaders must shift their focus to the future and prepare for the lifting of shelter-in-place. It’s time to think about what you want “later” to look like – what changes will you preserve, what norms and practices you want to continue and how your operations are going to be different.


Although it may not feel like it, both personally and organizationally some good things are happening because we have all been forced to upend our routines. It required sacrifices to create this massive shift; don’t waste them and automatically fall back into the same rut when the restrictions are lifted.

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