While walking through the park, I came across a lone teenager playing baseball with himself. He would toss the ball in the air, hit it, run hard to first base, then pick up the ball from the infield and give a serious throw to home plate. Over and over and over.

My heart hurt for this guy who is obviously without the sport that he loves. If I was a coach I would recruit him in a minute. It would be so much easier for him to say that “baseball is canceled” or to put practicing on hold during the virus but he was out there, alone, giving it his all.

Take a lesson from this player and keep doing the things that will make you stronger when the shelter-in-place is lifted. You may not be able to continue in your desired format but you can do something that will help you grow. Singers can sing in their living room even though they don’t have access to the stage. Professionals can watch TED talks or complete online learning even though their conferences were postponed. Artists can still create even though the festivals are canceled where they would have showcased their talents.

And baseball players can still hit balls as they wait for their team to reconvene. Let’s hope his dedication is rewarded.

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