Last year, the Heartland saw a 100-year flood. And it’s predicted that it could happen again this year.

The cancellation of entire concert tours, the Kentucky Derby, NCAA championships, all professional sports, etc. – they have all been happening for decades and, until this week, no one would have suspected they could all be called off within days of each other.

Just because floods haven’t happened two years in a row doesn’t mean that they can’t occur again this year. Just because Disneyland has never closed or school systems haven’t been shut down for months doesn’t mean they won’t during a pandemic.

People claiming “I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime” seem genuinely surprised when something new occurs, as if its absence in the past literally prevents it from happening in the present.

Life is not linear. While the past may provide some clue as to what comes next, we can’t rely on it as an infallible barometer regarding the future. Spend your energy looking ahead based on what could be vs. forecasting your outlook based on what was.

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