The original Crocs plastic shoes are, in most people’s eyes, just plain ugly. Their incredible comfort has earned them a loyal clientele that overlooks the frumpiness, but even though the brand has come a long way in improving its style with other designs, few are wearing them for their looks. There are more memes making fun of Crocs than there are with almost any other footwear.

So, it seemed like a mismatch to me when I saw an ad with model Priyanka Chopra Jonas wearing one of their ugliest shoe styles in a fashion pose. Were they making fun of themselves – along the lines of the Milk Mustache campaign – or did someone actually think it was realistic to promote Crocs as a fashion statement? The other taglines on this ad – “Come as you are” and “Make it a Classic” seem to fit with their choose-comfort-over-looks vibe, but a fashion model?

There is not a product or service out there that appeals to everyone. Find your niche and embrace it, while letting the others go. Crocs + fashion are out of step.

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