Thanks to my friend Tracy, my car has a decal that makes it appear as if an actual golden retriever is riding in my back seat. It’s so realistic that dogs bark at it and many people have pointed to it while driving next to me. I’ve also had literally dozens of others seek me out to ask where to buy one, including several who waited for me to come out of a store so they could get the information.

When asked, it would be easy to demur and say that a friend gave it to me or I didn’t know, lest the proliferation of these decals lose the uniqueness and become the next “Baby on Board” phenomenon. But why rob someone of the joy?

People who hold back recipes, don’t share books, or won’t generously give information on where they bought something are just robbing themselves of the pleasure of giving.

If someone admires something of yours, freely help them bring that joy into their own lives.

[the decal, which comes in several animals and famous personalities, is called a Joy Rider Window Cling – available at Amazon, of course]

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