Most organizations decorate for the holidays but few pay attention to how those embellishments align with their brand. An exception to this is ChickFilA. Their wreaths, tree and even garland is done in the consistent cow-like black and white with cow ornaments everywhere.

I’m sure that headquarters coordinated the purchase and design of the supplies and invested a bit of extra time and money in doing so but the effort reinforces the ChickFilA brand and allows each franchise to remain consistent within the entire chain.

The same idea can be accomplished for a lot less money as illustrated by this photo that circulated on Facebook showing how nurses expressed their identity in their decorations:

Source: Facebook CNA and Care Givers November 30, 2019

Take a look at the holiday symbols around your organization. If they were placed in another setting, would others know they were yours? Do they communicate your message in addition to adding a festive element for the season? Do they represent you?

The 2019 season is wrapping up, but the time to think about next year is now. Take advantage of hindsight and after-Christmas sales to utilize your décor as another vehicle to reinforce your brand.



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