At a garage sale, I stumbled upon a desk and cabinet from a 1950s doctor’s office. I had zero need for either of these furniture pieces, but as you can guess, they both are now mine. I wasn’t looking for them but in as vivid of language as furniture can muster, they told me to take them home.

My sisters rearranged my living room to incorporate the pieces and I “gathered a few things” to put in the drawers. It turns out that I not only have an attraction to current office supplies but I have amassed quite a collection of vintage ones as well, including the perfect typewriter to grace the desk. My new possession has become a mini-museum and allowed me to showcase treasures that had been stored in the back of my closet. I now look at it and smile every day.

I encourage you to find a way to bring your latent collection out of the corners and into a place where at least a portion of it is visible. Display a piece or two somewhere so you can actually see the things that bring you joy. If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth showing.


  1. Hi beth, we share another typewriter. I have an old black Molle typewriter sitting on a trunk in my office. If I remember correctly we also had the same typewriter as a child. I love your new purchases, I also have an addiction to desks! I always need places to store all of my office supplies and my many notebooks!

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