When we went to watch a movie in our vacation rental, everyone was glad that we had an electrical engineer in the family to navigate the complex array of remotes required for the movie to play. The owner clearly had anticipated our confusion – as she was kind enough to leave instructions as to the purpose of the six different remotes – but did it need to be that challenging?

There was enough media equipment in the home to accommodate videos, DVDs and streaming. On one hand, it provided a larger array of entertainment options, but on the other hand, it necessitated a multitude of remotes, moving of cable wires and connectors and about as long to queue up the movie as it took to watch it.

Sometimes we need to pull the plug – literally – on the old way. Declare a moment where it’s time to make the switch – phasing out the old and only supporting the new. The energy and complexity required to maintain multiple systems – in the vacation home entertainment console and more importantly, in your organization, is counterproductive.


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