At the grocery store, they were sampling a new product: Mayochup. It’s the cousin to Kranch, both products from Heinz that pre-package ketchup in popular combinations — mayonnaise + ketchup and ranch + ketchup – made for easy dipping.

It got me thinking about other combinations that would benefit from being sold in the way that consumers could use them. Some examples:

  • pizza delivered to the movies (especially if the theater has recliners) so it’s just as good as a night at home
  • insurance agents could team up with jewelry or home appraisers or videographers – in one stop you could have a home inventory and insure it at the proper level
  • a dog sitter combined with a house cleaner – go on vacation and come home to a clean house and happy pooch
  • delivery of food – and beer – a possible way to keep a few drunk drivers off the road.

Think of what you’re offering and how people use similar products or services on their own. Maybe there a way for you to combine something old to make something new.


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