Following the 2016 national election, Jamie Chismar wanted to stand in solidarity with her neighbors and do something to show them that not everyone shared the same view as the newly-elected national leadership. So she designed a simple yard sign that reads “All Are Welcome Here” and placed it on her front lawn.

The mantra grew in popularity and soon appeared at many homes and businesses in her Twin Cities home. The message is now reproduced in multiple languages, with designs of different states, on t-shirts, stickers and buttons. Merchandise has been shipped to all 50 states. It still isn’t her full-time job, but her welcoming message has been shared by thousands.

After an election, policy change or any action that disappoints us we often think of good works that we could do but Jamie had the initiative to actually act on her ideas. How can you use her as a role model to improve a situation rather than expending energy in a social media-based rant that just perpetuates the problem? All are also welcome to make their neighborhoods just a little bit better by their actions.


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