Milwaukee Tools makes a reciprocating saw that cuts through most anything – it “saws all”. Other companies have similar versions but the name of Milwaukee’s tools – the Sawzall and bigger Hackzall – have been adapted by handymen to apply to all brands of reciprocating saws.

I’m sure this was on Milwaukee’s mind when deciding on a giveaway item to use at hardware stores and contractor events. It would be too expensive to hand out blades or tools, so they decided on a marker…

but instead of a standard issue, Milwaukee brilliantly created a brand-reinforcing giveaway called the Inkzall pen. Just like the related Sharpie, this marker writes on almost all surfaces, making the Inkzall label accurate and brand-aligned.

Do you put as much thought into your giveaways or are you just handing out generic items with your name? With the Inkzall, Milwaukee is likely to get more than it gives in branding.


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