How do you extend your customer’s experience after they leave your retail store? Ensure that the bag emblazoned with your logo has a second life.

Stores in the Mall of America have done just that and capitalized on the fact that people do not want to carry items through the mall’s 96 acres. A hands-free shopper is a happy shopper, so several stores at the mall package their purchases in bags with shoulder straps. It allows for immediate ease of transport as well as an extended use for the bag after the shopping trip is over. Brilliant!

Are you providing your customers with something disposable that could become marketing material for you with a small additional investment? Replace those conference notepads with your organization’s branded pieces instead of the venue’s. Encourage people to take your restaurant-branded pen when they sign the tab. Provide to-go items that people will actually want to keep and reuse instead of toss into the landfill.

Take a critical look at all that your organization distributes. How can you infuse additional quality so more of your users actually keep what you give them?

Thanks, Mike!

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