The distinctive burgundy “M” that represents the University of Minnesota has taken on new life as a novel branding tool: a keyboard sticker that covers the standard “M”. Now when alumni or friends use their computer they are reminded of their affinity to the school.

I am surprised it took this long for the keyboard to turn into a billboard but think of the many options for others to capitalize on this well-used space. Other schools could perpetuate their logo, say an orange “T” for Tennessee fans, a red “W” for Wisconsinites, or an “N” for the Big Red Nebraska supporters.

Other businesses or charities could do the same: a multi-colored “G” for Google; Obama’s distinctive “O”, the Facebook “f”, Pinterest “P”, McDonald’s “M” or slanted “Y” from the YMCA. Once you start looking, single-letter logos are everywhere.

In real estate, the saying is “location, location, location.” The same goes for marketing. Don’t overlook ways to incorporate your brand into the most used locations of your friends and fans.

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